Aeraulics assembly

The aeraulics assembly division of APS Arosio is a high-tech structure. The production process of APS Arosio aeraulics is entirely followed by qualified personnel in the preparation of semi-finished and pre-assembled products. Here all the aeraulic systems are assembled to measure: dampers, flexible ducts connection, droplet separators, louver and frames.

During the phases of the production process, all the directives on quality control are applied to guarantee the highest standards.

In these large departments, aeraulic systems and frames of different sizes are assembled to satisfy all the needs of installers. The optimization of the construction phases, the organization of the warehouses, the internal production of all the construction elements, the preparation of the staff, are the requirements that allow APS Arosio to assemble the considerable volume of over 40,000 aeraulic products per year.

APS Arosio products in the aeraulic field represent a point of reference for the manufacturers of air handling units all over the world.